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Improving Your Security, Iteratively

What We Do

At Eyra Security, our mission is to make you more secure over time. We do this in two ways: helping you to learn and helping you improve.

Lean Security Reviews
Identify and resolve common problems so the average attacker is encouraged to focus on easier targets.
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Lean Assessments
A deep-analysis assessment service that focuses on your environment’s risks and practical solutions to lessen or eliminate identified risks.
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Security Testing
From penetration testing to commercial standards testing for HIPAA, HITECH, PCI (PCIDDS or PADSS) & 3rd party audits such as PTES or SSAE 16.
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Vendor Assessments
Assessing vendors is a tricky process. Large and regulated organizations are forced to demonstrate due diligence in vendor assessment, but often do not know how to do this.
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Outsourced CIO/CISO
Where more involvement is required, outsourcing a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) could be a perfect option for your business.
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Security for Startups & Entrepreneurs
Security for entrepreneurial & startup businesses go beyond just which firewall and antivirus technology to get. We work to put a security plan in place so you can focus on what truly matters.
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What’s Happening At Eyra

In the News
Recommendations for the Heartbleed SSL security vulnerability
Global Velocity, in collaboration with Josh More from Erya Security, wants to keep you informed about a relatively new I

Comprehensive Business Security

Security, Compliance
A complete set of diagnostic and implementation services
From HIPAA, HITECH & PCI compliance to security assessments & outsourced CISO services.
Start-Up Consulting
New businesses need specific guidance and support services to thrive
Eyra Security has developed a security-integrated approach to businesses models tuned for entrepreneurship!
Disaster Recover & Business Continuity
Go beyond traditional disaster planning
We focus on 5 key areas in disaster planning that prepare you and your company for when disaster strikes.
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Implementing Security Standards

Ready for that audit? Have all that paperwork? What if they ask for a demo?

At Eyra Security we specialize in the assessment and implementation of the necessary security standards for your industry. This includes HIPAA/HITECH, PCI/DSS, FDIC, FFIEC, NCUA and much more.