Outsourced CISO

Boost your security capabilities with an Eyra outsourced CIO or CISO.

Usually, a standard security assistance retainer is a perfect fit for an organization needing a helping hand. However, sometimes you need a more constant presence to help you define strategy and improve success. In these cases, outsourcing a chief information security officer (CISO) or chief information officer (CIO) can help greatly. A part-time CISO gives you the ability to combine management and execution and take your network and information security to the next level.Part time CISOs are also great for specific industries that must comply with rigid standards and regulations. Whether you are a retail establishment affected by PCI, a healthcare company protecting patient records via HIPAA, or in the financial space dealing with FDIC and FFIEC audits, adding an experienced person to your staff who can “pre-audit” your environment and address any potential security issues can be a huge boost. Contact Eyra today to talk about adding an outsourced CISO or CIO to your team.

Types of outsourced strategic guidance offered by Eyra Security

  • Outsourced CISO – For companies who may not have the resources or desire to employ a full time security expert, or for specific projects of high importance, an outsourced CISO can be an extremely helpful addition to your staff. By bringing an Eyra Security expert into your organization, you can expect high-quality management and instructional guidance for the rest of your team. An outsourced CISO is most useful after an assessment or testing identifies a complex set of vulnerabilities that must be resolved in a short period of time.
  • Outsourced CIO – Smaller companies have informational needs just like large ones. However, if one cannot cost-justify a full time strategic information resource, a part time Chief Information Officer may be what you need. While the terms “CIO” and “IT Manager” have become interchangeable, the difference between a technology expert and a business expert who focuses on information can be immense. CIOs can identify ways to access the right information more quickly, speeding up business responsiveness and improving overall cash flow.
  • Outsourced Placement – Our mission at Eyra is to help you get better, day by day. Once we can no longer do that, you may need to hire a full time internal security or technology resource. However, long-term placement is counter to the core strategy of helping you manage your business on your own. Since there is a gap in understanding between many HR departments and the technological and security resources that they must hire. Eyra can help to fill this gap by helping your organization create an accurate job placement ad to select appropriate candidates and by interviewing those candidates selected for additional scrutiny. In the end, a well vetted candidate is more likely to help your business succeed, and when you improve, so do we.

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