Who We Are

We Do Security The Smart Way

Driven to understand why traditional methods of security were failing in the market, Josh More, the president of Eyra Security began exploring other fields. The answers were found in the fields of Economics, Psychology, Manufacturing and Development. By applying the lessons learned from other industries as they grew, Eyra Security helps accelerate businesses through a combination of education, coaching and hands-on work. Our mission is to help our clients improve, one step at a time, as we help them along their security journey.

By recognizing that the challenges you face are due to resource constraints and that you can not afford to replace the technology or the people creating issues, we help by building long-term plans by which you can address either your most critical or time-consuming issues. Then, though a series of small changes, you can stop spinning your wheels and begin making forward progress.

Josh More, owner



Josh More started Eyra Security after spending more than 15 years in IT. He holds multiple security and technical certifications and serves in a leadership position on several security-focused groups. When taking a break from reducing IT and security risks for our customers, Josh enjoys reading, cooking and photography.