Entrepreneurial Assistance

Starting a business or building new technology in a start up? There are cost-effective security options.

Staring a new business is hard enough without having to worry about security. New businesses are scrutinized more than established firms, which adds yet another barrier to success. Security for entrepreneurial businesses go beyond just which firewall and antivirus technology to get. Potential clients will review your policies and procedures, audit your operations and demand proof that you’ve passed independent audits like HIPAA, PCI and SSAE 16. It’s often impossible to cost justify these measures before you have a reliable cash flow, but it’s often impossible to get a reliable cash flow without investing in these security measures.

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Entrepreneurial Assistance with Eyra Security

There are many models that can be used with entrepreneurial businesses to maximize success. Specific security consulting practices can be paired with each business model, to best help your specific needs.

  • Slow Growth – Some businesses are designed to grow deliberately and slowly. In this model of business, it is common to focus on one vertical at a time. This allows security to be added one vertical focus at a time. If you target health care organizations, for example, a gradual approach towards HIPAA compliance might be the biggest value to your dollar. If, however, you are targeting consumers, you might need to invest in privacy assessments and business models to manage private data.
  • Targeted Business to Business – The “b2b” space is a common one for new organizations to target. These businesses are often required to demonstrate basic competence through an independent assessment and letter of opinion. It can be extremely expensive to get these letters of opinion for the entire organization and, given the high rate of change in a start up, it may not be possible to comply. Eyra can work with you to draft a security plan linked to a decision tree, so when you pivot, you can bring security with you.
  • Externally-funded Rapid Growth – Venture capital can help bootstrap your business to new levels, but that rate of change can be dangerous from a security perspective. When working in that mode, your paths are fairly closed to you as the investors have made a fairly big bet as to what the industry will do. If you are running this sort of business, you likely know exactly what you need and exactly how much you can pay for it. Eyra can provide a quick judgment as to whether or not that sort of expectation is realistic and, if so, give you some options to maximize the use of your resources.

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